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  • December 15, 2017 2:23 PM | Anonymous member

    “Bennington has long been among the most forward-thinking liberal arts colleges in the United States, and I think our alumni stand as evidence that it has been extraordinarily successful. The resourcefulness a place this size demands of its students, its faculty, its administrators—it permeates everythinghas a huge impact on teaching and learning. In a world beset with complex challenges, understanding how to ask the questions that really matter and to find creative, elegant, actionable solutions is crucial. It’s an ethos that has been with Bennington since its founding and one higher education needs to be reminded of.”     Mariko Silver, President of Bennington College

    A private, coeducational liberal arts college in southwestern Vermont, Bennington College is intentionally small and yet large in the impact it has had on American higher education since 1932. Bennington’s undergraduate, degree-seeking enrollment in the fall of 2017 reached  717, the largest in the college’s history. 

    Bennington is seeking an exceptional Vice President for Enrollment who will report to President Mariko Silver.  The successful candidate will oversee admissions and financial aid, serve as a strategic partner on the senior leadership team, and work in collaboration with faculty, staff, students, and alumni to further advance the value of Bennington’s unique and important educational experience, which pushes the edge of a progressive education while always keeping the students at the center. The new vice president will balance financial aid approaches to effectively leverage scholarship resources while respecting the need to grow net tuition revenue.   The new vice president will ideally be an experienced admissions and financial aid professional, have strong analytical ability, be a talented strategist and leader, and have outstanding interpersonal skills. 


    Background and History

    Bennington College began with the idea that America higher education needed a progressive, forward-thinking college to consider the remarkable changes that were happening culturally, socially, and technologically.  Once land was secured in southwestern Vermont and a charter established, Bennington opened as a women’s college in 1932, becoming fully coeducational in 1969.  Bennington was the first institution of higher learning to include the performing and visual arts as fully recognized programs in the liberal arts. John Dewey, influential early 20th century thinker and educational reformer, served as a trustee of the College; many of the College’s signature programs, such as the Field Work Term and the Plan process, are extensions of his educational principles. The College aims to educate students towards self-fulfillment and constructive social purposes, and believes that equity, diversity, and inclusivity--in community and in curriculum--are vital to achieving those aims.

    The Academic Program

    Bennington’s approach to learning is inquiry-based: “a process based on the belief that the deepest and most meaningful learning stems from and is driven by a student’s individual curiosity.  Students design, curate, and build their own education.”  Isabel Roche, Provost and Dean of the College.

    Students construct their own framework for learning in close collaboration with a faculty advisor and a Plan committee and guided by the Capacities they are expected to develop throughout their time at the College. This individualized plan guides course selection and learning outside the classroom to help students accomplish their goals, learn deeply and broadly, and move their skills forward. It also allows students to have agency in their learning and to creatively pull from the curriculum to support their work. Every year, all students participate in Field Work Term, a seven-week term in the winter spent off campus/out of the classroom to put into practice their intellectual curiosity through internships, work, or entrepreneurial endeavors. The open, responsive curriculum is constantly evolving with courses shifting and adapting based on the interests and suggestions of faculty and students. "Pop-up" classes provide opportunities to address emerging situations and events through short, rigorous academic courses taught by faculty with expertise in the area. The average class size is 13; the student-faculty ratio for the coming academic year is projected to be 10:1. In addition to the undergraduate degree program, Bennington offers an acclaimed low-residency MFA program in writing (the Bennington Writing Seminars) as well as a premedical post-baccalaureate program for students pursuing careers in the medical field.

    Central to the College's founding vision was the belief that education is most powerful when students themselves define its direction. The College envisioned that students would take with them when they graduated not only what they had learned but also an understanding of how they had learned it -- developing a kind of metacognition that has become only more relevant (and I would even say necessary) today.”  Isabel Roche, Provost and Dean of the College.


    The Campus and Residential Life

    Occupying 440 lush, rolling acres in southern Vermont, Bennington’s campus has earned praise from Architectural Digest as one of the Top 10 Colleges with Best Architecture and appears on the list of Princeton Review’s Most Beautiful College Campuses.   Whether a shingled New England cottage or the stunning modern design of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action (CAPA), Bennington’s campus both reflects the traditional New England aesthetic as well as the forward-looking nature of the college.  Students live in houses of 30-45 people, all coeducational and all reflecting the eclectic yet cohesive architecture of the campus.  There is a strong sense of community within each of the houses and leadership comes in the form of House Chairs, a student selected among the residents of each house, and in the forum of Coffee Hour.

    There are over 40 clubs and organizations on campus ranging from beekeeping to basketball.  The Office of Student Life generates and supports a wide array of extracurricular programming, including concerts, wellness initiatives, and a variety of recreational activities -- both on and off campus.  Some of the best skiing in the Northeast is just an hour from campus.  The Meyer Recreation Barn is the campus athletic and wellness facility that houses an aerobics room, climbing wall, free weights, sauna, and showers.  The Bennington Athletic Department offers yoga and other fitness classes each term.

    Enrollment Trends at Bennington

    Students at Bennington come from 31 states and 47 countries.  The college is test-optional in its admissions practices, and offers the Dimensional Application as well as the Common Application.

    The college has seen significant, deliberate growth both in the applicant pool and in the number of enrolled students: In 2014, Bennington received 1117 applications, admitted 759 students, and enrolled 192.  In 2017, Bennington received 1458 applications, admitted 823, and enrolled 219.  The total undergraduate, degree-seeking enrollment in fall 2017 was 717, compared to 631 in 2014. 

    Accolades for Bennington College

    Princeton Review has named Bennington #2 Best Classroom Experience, #2 Most Beautiful Campus, #3 Professors Get High Marks, #5 Best College Theater, #6 Best College Dorms, #8 Most Politically Active Students.  Forbes named Bennington #4 on the list of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Colleges, and Unigo placed Bennington among the top ten “Brainiest Colleges.”

    Bennington, Vermont

    Bennington, Vermont sits at the foot of the Green Mountains and is a culturally rich town with a population of approximately 15,500.  Ranked #3 in the United States as the “Most Arts Vibrant Small Community,” Bennington’s downtown captures the traditional look and feel of a New England village.  Home to four colleges (Bennington, Southern Vermont College, Community College of Vermont, and Northeastern Baptist College), four B&Bs, a riverwalk, a professional co-working space, farmers market and over 40 locally owned businesses, restaurants, and shops, Bennington “has preserved what most of American has sacrificed: a thriving community center with a rich history, stunning architecture, locally owned shops, and small town hospitality.”



    Bennington’s alumni include Alan Arkin, Peter Dinklage, Helen Frankenthaler, Michael Pollan, and Donna Tartt, to name just a few among many notables and influencers.

    "Bennington taught me to live an audacious life."-Judith Jones ‘45, senior editor and vice president at Knopf

    I wanted to go to Bennington and nowhere else…but I worried about my chances because Bennington was famous for all its students possessing the highest IQs in the country… Still I simply had to go there….Bennington lived up to its reputation..” – Carol Channing ’42, Broadway and film actress

    The whole idea of Bennington is learning by doing. That’s what attracted me to the College. I wanted that freedom. I did not want to go to a college that told me that I had to do exactly what it said. Bennington attracts people who have that kind of confidence.”–Bret Easton Ellis ’86, bestselling novelist


    It felt like a holy place, a place you could do anything.” –Jonathan Marc Sherman ’90, American playwright

    Paul [Feeley] was a very positive influence and very supportive and a marvelous teacher in that he sort of milked his students to investigate what he himself wanted to know more about, which I think great teachers do.” –Helen Frankenthaler ’49 painter; pioneer in abstract expressionism

    There’s this wacky thing that Bennington teaches you: not to be afraid of anything. Not to say ‘oh, I’m not trained to do that.’ But instead to have a confidence in your natural abilities. I call it Courage College.” – Laura Fruman ’68, author and current editor of the PEN/ O. Henry Prize series


    Qualifications and Requirements

    Chief responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following:

          Practice both the art and science of enrollment management balancing quantitative analyses and data-driven decision-making for effective results while nurturing the relational admissions practices characteristic of a small, liberal arts college. 

          Shape and lead an admissions and financial aid program that is effective, is inventive, and embodies and extends the central tenets of the College. Establish strategic direction, priorities, and goals for Bennington enrollment and for each of the offices within it while maintaining fiscally responsible leadership.

          Attract a growing number of qualified applicants with an emphasis on the increasing diversity necessary for the College to thrive.

          Serve as a collaborative and visible partner and contributor on the senior leadership team, to inform the strategic direction of the college.

          Evaluate the effectiveness of Bennington’s recruitment, selection, and financial aid programs and make appropriate adjustments so as to lead a college-wide effort that is proactive and continues to align policies and practice with the purposes, approach and goals of the College.

          Work closely with the Provost and Dean of the College and related staff to understand ongoing enrollment challenges and opportunities; to facilitate and support students as they the transition from prospective to enrolled; and to help calibrate recruitment, retention, and student success efforts through routine exchange of data and information.

          Serve as a dynamic and compelling representative of the College to prospective students and their families, current students and parents, secondary schools, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and potential donors. Inspire and engage as many constituents as possible to join together in serving as ambassadors for Bennington.

          Be a visible presence on Bennington’s campus as well as a trusted and respected leader in higher education enrollment both domestically and internationally.

          Demonstrate a thorough understanding of current trends and challenges in higher education, a keen sense for which audiences to reach and how to reach them, and a willingness to be creative in concept and practice in order to achieve College goals.

          Further diversify the international student body through the establishment and nurturing global admissions partners.

          Enhance relationships with members of the high school counseling community across the country and the world. Equip them to effectively communicate Bennington’s programs, approach, and value to aspiring college students and their families.

          Provide energetic, inventive, and results-oriented leadership and vision to a strong and devoted team of admissions and student aid professionals and, in particular, direct reports. Clearly articulate the planning and goals of the enrollment effort.  Lend strategic oversight and analytic expertise while further promoting effectiveness, professional development, and job satisfaction.

          In collaboration with the Chief Communications Officer, engage artfully and proactively with national media to help ensure that Bennington’s values and views are heard as frequently and widely as possible. Foster strong, consistent messages that increase the College’s reputation and national and international visibility and reach.

          Creatively develop and utilize existing and emerging technologies to communicate and build relationships among all constituents and primarily with students, families, and counselors; deploy appropriate technology and other tools and resources to effectively manage and administer the enrollment offices.

          Work collaboratively with other members of the senior administration, especially in areas of recruitment, retention, branding, college publicity, fundraising, alumni engagement, fiscal solvency, and student/alumni career development. Serve as an influential and strategic contributor to the College’s ongoing success.

          Further define the role of the vice president for enrollment at Bennington as needed, working closely with the president, other senior leaders, and members of the faculty so that the duties and scope of the position enable the vice president to fulfill most effectively the vision for enrollment at the College.

    The ideal candidate will have the following professional qualifications and personal characteristics:

          Experience leading and managing admissions and financial aid:  Experience participating in leadership and management within admissions and financial aid offices in a liberal arts college or university; the capacity to manage the complex interplay of marketing and recruitment strategies, enrollment goals, yield, and financial aid; fiscal responsibility, strategic planning, selection and supervision of personnel, professional development and team-building;

          A gifted story-teller and an acute listener:  The ability to hear and integrate the thinking and views of the Bennington College community and translate this into compelling stories of Bennington; the capacity to understand and work collaboratively with all those who have an interest in the process of attracting and shaping Bennington’s student body; and the ability to be articulate and compelling in speaking with both internal audiences including faculty, and external audiences including prospective students, parents, donors, and college counselors;

          Alignment and embodiment of Bennington’s values: Strong and deep resonance with and grasp of the mission, character, and approach embodied in a Bennington education; the personal and intellectual qualities expected of members of the Bennington community;

          Vision, leadership, and communication skills: Vision for the future of admissions and financial aid at Bennington; leadership ability, including the ability to build consensus and a sense of teamwork; clear communication with faculty, staff, and colleagues; transparency in the work of the college;

          Institutional leadership: Readiness and competencies to actively participate and contribute as part of the College’s senior leadership team;

          Technological sophistication: Demonstrated experience leveraging emerging technologies to more efficiently support the processes within admissions and financial aid;

          Data-savvy and proficient in data analytics:  Experienced practitioner using data to inform planning, strategy and decision-making.

          Personal qualities: Articulate; honest and ethical; hard working; demonstrating a personal presence that is accessible, active and engaged; ability to work effectively in a relationship-oriented culture; openness to innovation; and a collegial collaborator.

          Credentials: An advanced degree is preferred. A bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in the liberal arts.

    To Apply

    Napier Executive Search is assisting Bennington College in their search for the Vice President for Enrollment.  For a confidential conversation or if you wish to nominate someone for this position, please contact Nancy Benedict or Mary Napier  If you wish to apply, please send a resume, a cover letter outlining your specific interest in this opportunity at Bennington College and addressing your knowledge and appreciation for the liberal arts, and contact information for three professional references including name, current title, your relationship to the reference, by email to  For assurance of full consideration, please submit materials by Thursday, January 25, 2018. 

    All applications and nominations will be considered confidential and notice will be given before references are contacted.

    The start date for the position is negotiable. 

    All offers of employment are contingent upon the finalist successfully passing a background check.

    Bennington College values diversity and is committed to equal opportunity for all persons regardless of age, gender identity, color, disability, ethnicity, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, veteran status or any other status protected by law.


  • December 11, 2017 4:53 PM | Anonymous member

    Admissions Recruiter | Full-Time | Carl Sandburg College | Galesburg, IL  

    For full job posting and to apply visit:   

    Major Responsibilities 

    1. Lead the establishment and maintenance of relationships with guidance counselors at all district high schools and attends scheduled visits to schools to promote educational opportunities available at Carl Sandburg College.
    2. Responsible for data entry of contact information for prospective students into CRM database while maintaining up-to-date records of all inquiries and applicants. 
    3. Develop in-depth knowledge of all academic programs at the College demonstrates ability to communicate specific College information including academic programs, enrollment process, student support services, and policies to prospective and current students. 
    4. Interact with faculty to coordinate campus visits for prospective students. 
    5. Working knowledge of CRM database and enrollment management software system in order to track, analyze and communicate with prospective students and parents. 
    6. Maintains consistent communication with prospective students in the recruitment funnel through phone calls, email, and traditional mail. 
    7. Serve as backup to the Coordinator of the Testing Center. 
    8. Prepares admission materials including: admissions packets, tri-folds, flyers, brochures, and academic program materials for prospective students. 
    9. Assists with college fairs, career fairs, recruitment events, and community events to promote academic programs and community relationships. Work in conjunction with academic departments to utilize the "Maker Trailer" for interactive recruitment activities. 
    10. Ability to attend early morning, evening, and weekend events as required. Some travel required and may include infrequent overnight trips.  
    11. Assist with departmental assessment and establishment of key performance indicators based on the strategic plan. 
    12. Other duties as assigned. 
    Assists With 
    1. Scheduling appointments for recruiters and follow up correspondence. 
    Minimum Necessary Skills, Experience, and Educational Background
    1. Associates degree required and two years work experience in a skill relevant to job requirement required. Higher education experience preferred.  Bachelor's degree and some supervisory experience preferred. 
    2. Working knowledge of business records management, computer systems and PC Software--word processing and data base management. 
    3. Ability to work cooperatively with students, staff, faculty, and community members and be respectful to issues of student and staff diversity. 
    4. Ability to exhibit responsiveness to requests for assistance from students, staff and community members in a helpful and timely manner. 
    5. Good oral and written communication skills. 
    6. Able to work under pressure. 
    7. Valid driver's license required. 
    8. Willingness to work a flexible schedule with some evening and Weekend hours required.
    This is a security sensitive position and will require a background check as a pre-employment qualifier. 


  • December 11, 2017 3:20 PM | Anonymous member

    International Admissions Counselor (Assoc/Student Services Coordinator) - Admissions - 13790



    The Admissions Office seeks an International Admissions Counselor.


    The International Admissions Counselor is a 12-month, full-time position that reports to the Director of Admissions. The individual will work as a team member in a fast-paced workplace focused on customer service and growth in both the quality and quantity of students. The International Admissions Counselor is responsible for international student recruitment and will represent UW-Whitewater at recruitment fairs and activities internationally, nationally and regionally. International and domestic travel is required. The Counselor assists in designing and implementing international recruitment strategies and in the development of outreach materials and web content targeting international students. The Counselor informs students, families, agencies/partners on the educational opportunities available and the admissions processes.


    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Earned Bachelor’s degree.
    • Minimum of one-year experience in admissions, recruitment, higher education, or international student services.
    • Valid driver’s license (or ability to obtain a valid driver’s license).
    • Valid passport (or ability to obtain a valid passport).

    Desired Qualifications:

    • Fluency in one or more second languages.
    • Experience traveling internationally.
    • Familiarity with student information systems, particularly PeopleSoft.




    The International Admissions Counselor processes complete international applications for undergraduate and transfer students utilizing University guidelines to make fair and consistent admission and scholarship decisions. The Counselor maintains knowledge of non-U.S. academic systems and evaluates foreign academic credentials, determines corresponding grade point averages, and awards transfer credit. The Counselor serves as the primary contact for prospective students, high school counselors, and recruitment agents: interpreting and explaining UW-Whitewater’s admission policies and requirements; corresponding with such parties to ensure applications are completed in a timely manner; and issuing initial Form I-20s and mailing admitted student packets. The Counselor increases applicant yield by fielding and responding to questions in a timely manner, monitoring applications for completeness, and following up on requests for missing materials. The incumbent generates weekly admission reports and assists in analyzing return on investment and progress in meeting university strategic goals for international enrollment. The International Admissions Counselor also supports recruitment efforts of domestic first year and transfer students as part of a team of university admissions counselors. The Counselor will assist with such activities as campus open houses, daily tours, domestic college fairs and high school visits, and various outreach and communication to prospective students.

    The following examples of duties and responsibilities illustrate the general range of tasks assigned to the position, but are not intended to define the limits of required duties. Other essential duties may be assigned consistent with the general scope of the position.

    1. Process all international undergraduate and ESL applications in a timely manner. Image and attached documents to applications.
    2. Travel to designated college fairs, high schools, and other various recruiting events. Participate in international travel through various tours and circuits.
    3. Manage and organize international trips, maximize travel time, and mail appropriate materials for effective outreach.
    4. Increase applicant yield by fielding and responding promptly to questions from prospective students and others involved in the process (parents, agents, sponsors, high school counselors, etc.). Explain university policies and processes including admissions requirements, application procedures, academic programs, and campus environment and services. Provide counseling regarding admissibility, scholarship opportunities, and federal immigration compliance to prospective international students.
    5. Increase applicant yield by designing communications in the CRM, monitoring applications for completeness, and following up on requests for missing materials.
    6. Review complete applications and make admission decisions in a fair manner, consistent with University and office policy.
    7. Maintain knowledge of foreign academic systems to guide the evaluation of international academic credentials for determination of admissibility and scholarship eligibility.
    8. Maintain knowledge of graduate international admissions criteria to assist in referring qualified students to the School of Graduate Studies.
    9. Track and report on student application and enrollment data for use in decision-making and evaluating return on investment and progress towards meeting university strategic goals for international enrollment.
    10. Guide students through the visa application processes.
    11. Evaluate transfer credits for accredited coursework through the application process. Complete the transfer credit evaluation and post to students’ account. Request transcripts where appropriate.
    12. Nurture partnerships with recruitment agents by producing newsletters or other materials highlighting UW-Whitewater’s strengths and international student accomplishments.
    13. Assist in the development of international student outreach materials and strategies for improving international enrollment.
    14. Arrange itineraries for prospective students or other guests visiting campus.
    15. May assist with the logistics of international student orientation.
    16. Participate in professional organizations, conferences and workshops when appropriate.
    17. Additional duties as assigned.

    This position requires demonstration with cultural competency, especially the ability to communicate in a culturally appropriate manner along with excellent verbal and written communication skills. The ability to represent the university with professional integrity to international organizations, college and university will also be a necessary duty and responsibility. Strong organizational skills and ability to manage priorities are essential functions of this position.


    UW-Whitewater ( is the largest regional comprehensive university within the UW System and enjoys a reputation as a high quality residential campus located near the scenic Kettle Moraine State Forest in southeastern Wisconsin. UW-W is situated on 400 acres of land and has an annual budget of more than $219 million. UW-W is located in the community of Whitewater, which has 14,622 residents and is within convenient driving distance to the metropolitan areas of Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago. The university enrolls more than 12,000 students in 50 majors housed within four academic colleges. UW-Whitewater also offers 16 master’s degrees and a Doctorate in Business Administration. The university’s strategic plan can be found at: It has a special mission within the UW System to serve students with disabilities and, as such, embraces the principles of university design and is one of the most accessible campuses in the state. UW-Whitewater is a Division III NCAA university and member of WIAC ( The campus has over 200 student organizations and is a vital economic engine for southeastern Wisconsin.

    UW-W is committed to seeking and sustaining a culturally and ethnically diverse campus environment, building a diverse faculty and staff with expertise and interest in serving students with diverse needs, backgrounds, ethnicities, abilities and other distinct characteristics in respectful, sensitive and understanding ways. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, and actively seeks and encourages applications from women, people of color, persons with disabilities, and veterans.


    The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is part of the 26-campus University of Wisconsin System (

    Wisconsin Statute 19.36(7)(b) provides that applicants may indicate in writing that their identity should be kept confidential. In response to a public records request, the University will not reveal the identities of applicants who request confidentiality in writing, except that the identity of the successful final candidate will be released. See Wisconsin Statute 19.36(7)(a).

    UW-Whitewater requires criminal background checks as a contingency to employment. A criminal background check will be conducted prior to an offer of employment.

    The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater requires that all employees be active participants in following applicable safety rules and regulations including necessary training and drills.

    For UW-W Campus safety information and crime statistics/annual Security Report, see If you would like a paper copy of the report please contact the UW-Whitewater Police at 262-472-4660.


    UW-Whitewater embraces AAC&U’s LEAP principles ( and emphasizes student, staff and faculty participation in High-Impact Practices ( The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs ( provides support for faculty scholarly and creative activities as well as other opportunities to apply for reassigned time and/or other resources to support research activities. UW-Whitewater faculty and staff also have access to technology transfer and research resources provided by WiSys (


    Applications received by January 8, 2018 are ensured full consideration. Applications received after that date may be given consideration at the discretion of the search committee. Application materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process.

    If you have questions regarding this recruitment, or if you are not able to complete the application online due to a disability or system problem, please contact us at 262-472-1024 or

    For questions regarding the position please contact:

    Jeremy Smith
    Admissions Counselor


    Applicants must complete the on-line application and upload a cover letter addressing how they meet the required qualifications, a resume or curriculum vitae, and contact information for three to five professional references including name, title, institution/company, phone number and email address.

    This Job ID is 13790.

    Who are you?
    A potential applicant who is NOT currently employed by the University of Wisconsin System, click here: UW-Whitewater External Applicants

    A current employee of the University of Wisconsin System, click here: UW-Whitewater Internal Applicants

    Before you get started with the online application process, we recommend you preview the frequently asked questions (FAQs) by selecting the link below.
    Apply Online FAQs

  • December 11, 2017 10:59 AM | Anonymous member

    Eastern Illinois University

    Office of Study Abroad

    Position Announcement

    Eastern Illinois University invites applications for the position of Study Abroad Coordinator in the Office of Study Abroad. Eastern Illinois University is experiencing significant growth in achieving its international mission, and continues to expand and build upon its existing study abroad programs and international partnerships. This coordinator position manages the student advising and application processes administered by the Office of Study Abroad, and works in coordination with, and reports to, the Assistant Dean for International Education. The coordinator interacts with a range of campus offices in advancing study abroad opportunities, including faculty-led program directors. The coordinator is also responsible for supervision of student employees. The position requires an undergraduate degree in a related field; candidates must have studied, worked or lived abroad and have at least one year of experience with student advising. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required. Work experience in a study abroad work environment and experience with Terra Dotta study abroad software is preferred. Demonstrated commitment to diversity and experience with promoting inclusive excellence is required. A comprehensive position description is located at A complete application includes: a letter of application, a resume, unofficial transcript, and the names, addresses and contact information of at least three references. If selected for an on-campus interview an official transcript is required. Applications must be submitted electronically to: Questions about the search may be directed to Dr. Jinhee Lee, screening committee chair, at . Review of applications begins immediately, and will continue until campus interviews are scheduled. The preferred start date is March 1, 2018.

    Eastern Illinois University is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity Employer – minority/female/disability/veteran – committed to achieving a diverse community.

  • December 07, 2017 1:13 PM | Anonymous member

    Curry College, a private, liberal arts-based institution with 85% of undergraduate students enrolled in pre-professional programs, located just seven miles from downtown Boston, seeks an inaugural Vice President for Strategic Enrollment and Student Success.  Overseeing the areas of Undergraduate Admission, Student Financial Services which includes financial aid, loan and student accounts, and Student Success and Retention, this person will support Curry’s deep commitment to current and prospective students and will help strengthen the college’s understanding of markets, programs, retention, and its own success.

    The Position

    The new vice president will report to the president, Ken Quigley, and serve as a member of his Executive Staff as well as a member of the Senior Team. The successful candidate will possess a depth of experience in higher education enrollment management along with a background steeped in understanding the markers of student persistence and retention.

    The charge to the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment and Student Success will be to work collaboratively with campus partners in Academic Affairs, including Continuing and Graduate Studies, Institutional Research, Academic Success, the Academic Enrichment Center, Advising, and the Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) as well as with Athletics and Student Affairs.  The new vice president will be expected to achieve and maintain modest enrollment growth through a combination of new student recruitment and enhancement of continuing student retention, tied together with consistent internal and external marketing.  Initiatives on enrollment and retention are underway, but additional strength and expertise is needed.

    Keys to success include setting targeted and differentiated recruitment and financial aid strategies and working to facilitate the integration and further development of institutional retention actions and plans.

    The new vice president:

          Works closely with the President, the Provost and other Senior Staff to craft and implement enrollment and marketing strategies to meet institutional priorities as defined by the mission of the College, the Strategic Plan and institutional goals;

          Provides leadership for the College in enrollment management defined to include retention and student success;

          Supervises a team consisting of undergraduate admissions, student financial services, and student success and retention to achieve enrollment, retention and student success initiatives;

          Develops and institutes both short and long term marketing plans to meet enrollment and retention targets being mindful of inclusion and diversity objectives;

          In cooperation with the Provost, fosters academic program development necessary to meet goals;

    •       Works closely with the Provost to analyze retention and graduation data and determine students at-risk for graduation. Discusses results and strategies with academic and student affairs administrators;

          Spearheads new initiatives aimed at strengthening student success including the identification and implementation of enhanced protocols for student success, connecting students' academic interests with career outcomes;

          Recommends policy to achieve successful execution of measurable goals defined in enrollment and retention plans;

          Strategically and aggressively plans, develops, executes and assesses an enrollment plan for entering students as well as a student retention and success plan including graduation/outcomes rates;

          Evaluates and recommends changes to administrative student service delivery to meet student-centered goals and students’ needs;

          Collaborates across divisions with other College professionals (eg.., Publications/Public Relations) to attract and retain students;

          Evaluates and redirects resources appropriately and as needed to meet the goals of both recruitment and retention;

          Serves on or leads College-wide Committees relative to the mission of the division;

          Recognizes and uses social media as a vehicle to reach target audiences;

          Successfully oversees management of operating budget for retention and recruitment.

    The Qualifications

    The successful candidate will have significant and progressive experience in higher education enrollment management, including knowledge of recruitment, admission, retention and marketing, preferably at a private college or university.  An advanced degree is required. 

    In addition, the vice president should have the following skills and characteristics:

    -       Skilled change agent who can effectively listen, synthesize, and move colleagues toward student-centered solutions;

    -       Adept purveyor of data, possessing the ability to ask effective questions, analyze results in real time and in predictive fashion;

    -       Savvy adapter of technology useful in all phases of enrollment management and retention;

    -       Proactive leader, fostering teamwork, mentoring staff to fully develop their professional abilities;

    -       Bold thinker who approaches challenges proactively and with innovation;

    -       Collaborator with skills in enhancing retention through programming and student success initiatives;

    -       Energetic, action-oriented individual who moves with purpose and confidence;

    -       Committed achiever who thrives on collaborative efforts, and relishes work with a talented, dedicated team of strong professionals;

    -       Brings enjoyment to daily work, building on the significant energies of a strong, successful community.

    About Curry College

    Founded in 1879, Curry College is a private, four-year, liberal arts-based institution with strong emphasis on pre-professional areas of studies, located on a wooded 131-acre campus in Milton, MA, just seven miles from downtown Boston.  Curry offers 27 undergraduate majors, over 60 minors and concentrations, as well as four graduate programs and a variety of continuing education certificates and programs.  Nearly 2,100 undergraduate students attend Curry, with 85% of them residing on campus.

    Since the mid-1990’s, total student enrollments have tripled and traditional enrollments have more than doubled.  Degree programs have been expanded in the both the undergraduate and graduate offerings.  Also during that time, the College has achieved ambitious goals resulting in many new and renovated residential and academic buildings as well as significant growth in endowment.

    A robust First Year Experience program is designed to make the transition to college seamless, both inside and outside the classroom. Highlights of the program include Summer Orientation, Welcome Weeks, First Year Seminars and ongoing collaboration with faculty advisors who mentor and support students.

    The internationally recognized Program for Advancement of Learning (PAL) at Curry College is a structured support program providing assistance to bright, college-able students with specific learning disabilities and/or AD/HD.  PAL has been widely recognized as the country’s first college program of its kind and for its leadership role over the years.  Since its inception, PAL has focused on providing comprehensive, strength-based support to college students with learning disabilities in a proactive environment.

    With an operating budget of $85 Million, Curry College's financial strength allows it to be a "College on the Move" always striving for student success. One example is the Science and Integrated Learning Commons, opening in the fall of 2019. Offering 36,000 square feet of classrooms, labs, and offices dedicated to active learning and student success, the Integrated Learning Commons will be a collaborative environment which promotes creativity and continual learning by providing academic guidance and student support.


    Curry College is located in Milton, Massachusetts, a small community of nearly 27,000 within the Greater Boston metro; ranked #2 in Money Magazine’s 2011 Best Places to Live and in the top 1% of Best Small Cities as evaluated by WalletHub in 2015.  The College is situated on a beautiful secluded 131-acre, wooded New England residential campus.  The college is just seven miles from downtown Boston, the “ultimate college town” serving approximately 250,000 students.  The campus is near shuttle-to-subway routes and major historic sites, legendary sports venues, shops, restaurants, orchestras, entertainment, cultural events, art galleries and museums.  By contrast, Curry is also located close to Blue Hills Nature Reservation with skiing and hiking trails, horseback riding, environment education and recreation.

    To Apply

    Napier Executive Search is assisting Curry College to search for a Vice President for Strategic Enrollment and Student Success. For a confidential conversation, or if you wish to nominate someone for this position, contact Mary Napier at or Laura Robinson at If you wish to apply, please send a résumé; a cover letter outlining your specific interest in this opportunity at Curry College; and, contact information for three professional references by email  For assurance of full consideration, please submit materials before January 15, 2018. There is an anticipated start date of summer 2018. All applications and nominations will be considered confidential and notice will be given before references are contacted.

    Curry College is an equal opportunity employer that encourages diversity in the workplace. 

  • December 05, 2017 3:25 PM | Anonymous member

    The Communications and CRM Coordinator coordinates and facilitates the configuration, maintenance, and ongoing implementation of the Admissions Office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This position will assist with implementing a comprehensive communication plan to various audiences using multiple channels, a variety of communications technologies and platforms, and assist in providing reports and analytics designed to make recommendations to existing communication and future campaigns. This position will collaborate with Information Technology Services (ITS) to identify requirements influencing the set up and daily activities associated with the CRM system to support various enrollment management offices and goals.

    All responsibilities shall be executed while demonstrating a commitment to Inclusive Excellence. This position reports to the Assistant Director of Admissions and the work is performed under limited supervision.

    View the official posting at 

  • November 27, 2017 3:08 PM | Anonymous member

    Knox College is a nationally ranked, private, residential liberal arts college of 1,400 students from 48 states & territories and 51 countries. The College recruits a national and international pool of high ability students and stands out among its peers for the inclusion of first-generation, international, and students of color, in a culturally rich and vibrant campus community. The admission staff has been successful in expanding the geographic reach of the College and expanding the applicant pool to the highest levels in Knox’s history. 60% of applicants are students of color or international students.

    The Position

    To support this plan, Knox seeks an outgoing, results-oriented individual to join the admission team as an Admission Counselor or Assistant Director of Admission. You’ll work within an assigned recruitment territory to achieve a high level of visibility for the College; identify and recruit well-matched candidates for admission; build relationships with high school counselors, independent educational consultants, and alumni; and assist students and their parents in applying for admission and financial aid. You’ll implement on and off-campus recruitment activities; conduct interviews and information sessions; evaluate applications for admission; and actively engage interested students via phone, email, social media, and face-to-face to achieve enrollment goals.


     Bachelor’s degree is required; Master’s degree is preferred. 2-3 years of experience in college admission is highly desirable.

     Willingness to work outside a 9-5 schedule, including evenings and weekends on a regular basis during the academic year and travelling up to 10-12 weeks per year.

     Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and public speaking abilities; and talent for developing relationships with a variety of constituencies.

     Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

     Commitment to inclusion and diversity in college admission.

     Dedication to and ability to articulate the value of a traditional liberal arts education.

     The ability to use Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) and common social media applications (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) is expected. Prior experience with the Slate admission CRM is highly desirable.


    To apply, submit via email a letter of application describing your qualifications, resume, Knox College application, a list of three references to Human Resources, at Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.

    Founded in 1837 by social reformers strongly opposed to slavery, Knox was one of the first colleges in the United States open to all, regardless of race, gender, or financial means. The campus community maintains a strong commitment to service, and Knox was recently named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll in recognition of community service, service learning, and civic engagement.

    For more information about Knox College, please visit

    Notice of Non Discrimination Knox College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, race, color, creed, national or ethnic origin, religion or religious

    affiliation, sexual orientation or preference, age, marital or family status, disability, veteran status, or other status protected by applicable federal, state, or local law in admission, financial aid, employment, athletics, or any other aspect of its educational programs or activities. Any inquiries regarding Title IX or the College’s policies that prohibit discrimination should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator or the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.

  • November 21, 2017 1:45 PM | Anonymous member

    Northeastern University is seeking a deeply experienced enrollment professional with high energy, recognized for success and achievement, and possessing an appetite for both complexity and nuance to serve as Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management. Reporting to the Vice President for Enrollment Management, overseeing the Office of Student Financial Services, and working collaboratively with the Enrollment Management leadership team, the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management will assist with broad leadership within Northeastern, providing the vision, strategy, technical and operational direction to enhance the university’s current and future enrollment.


    The Position:

    The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management (AVP) is the key collaborator to the Vice President for Enrollment Management, Sundar Kumarasamy, handling a wide range of matters of institutional importance, including budget and personnel administration, and cultivating and maintaining strong professional relationships with key partners across the university. The Associate Vice President partners with the Vice President for Enrollment Management and assists in overseeing critical aspects of strategic enrollment management areas such as Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Services, Outreach and Opportunity Scholarships, the Office of Global Services, the Enrollment Management Contact Center, the Center for Financial Independence, Enrollment Research, Summer / Pathway Programs, and Programs. Enrollment Management at Northeastern University reports to Senior Vice President and CEO, Philomena Mantella. 


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

    The primary duties and responsibilities for the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management are as follows:

          Provide the strategic leadership and oversight for the undergraduate enrollment effort of the university’s seven colleges, program for undeclared students, Programs and the Honors Program;

          Provide direct oversight to the Office of Student Financial Services, a unit with over 65 staff in Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Employment, Financial Literacy, Student Accounts, Student Access Services and Operations;

          Develop enrollment strategies in concert with the academic areas to meet objectives for incoming first-year and transfer students consistent with the strategic plan and position of the university, and juggle the many and sometimes conflicting objectives that will emerge because of the university’s resource-centered management. Engage in continuous, reflective, analytically rigorous and technically sophisticated dialogues about enrollment realities and possibilities;

          Produce forward-looking, transparent strategic plans and budgets that link expenditures to outcomes; produce regular and systematic comparative reports that detail month-to- month as well as annual progress toward enrollment goals;

          Routinely analyze data to shape strategic directions; regularly assess effectiveness of the university’s enrollment offices and programs and make appropriate adjustments so as to lead an effort that is continuously proactive and responsive to market forces and university needs;

          Develop strong, collaborative relationships with members of the campus community; work in partnership with other individuals and offices regarding recruitment and retention of students; communicate strategies and outcomes clearly and concisely to unite and inspire administrators, faculty, staff and students to join together with the enrollment effort;

          Promote collaborative partnerships with current students, parents, alumni and members of the high school counseling community locally, nationally, and globally so they can best understand and communicate the university’s academic programs and quality of student life;

          Promote frequent personal interactions with prospective students and their families by actively involving members of the university community; and

          Oversee the preparation and implementation of the division’s budget.


    Qualifications, Qualities and Characteristics

    The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management will be a consummate professional who embraces a team environment and works with colleagues in a spirit of partnership, transparency and fiscal responsibility. The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management will have a track record of successful leadership in enrollment management and demonstrated accomplishment developing and attaining strategic goals and objectives.

    Candidates for this position should possess substantial experience in higher education enrollment management as well as an earned Master’s degree or higher. The position requires knowledge of current thinking and practices in student recruitment, financial aid, and retention; decision-making experience in complex organizations; demonstrated capacity to lead and supervise a large and diverse portfolio of human and fiscal resources; a proven commitment to the value of diversity and the mission of a national urban research university; and the ability to manage change in a complex educational institution.


    In addition, the Associate Vice President should exhibit the following personal and professional qualities and characteristics:

          Commitment to fulfilling the mission of Northeastern University;

          Proven effectiveness in enrollment management as evidenced by: a documented record of enrollment success, including the ability to move an institution to greater enrollment strength; significant professional experience managing the complex interplay of marketing and recruiting strategies, enrollment goals, yield and financial aid; and genuine enjoyment in leading and managing an enrollment function that supports an institution’s mission, goals and objectives;

          Demonstrated ability in creatively marketing an institution so as to achieve superior levels of enrollment performance: proven success in innovation and risk-taking combined with excellent execution of both complex and routine marketing strategies; a record of propelling programs to new levels of success; ability to carry out marketing functions with close attention to the needs of the university and the match between it and its potential students; and ability to think innovatively and to leverage technology with a sensitivity to and understanding of the human/cultural impact;

          The sophistication to understand the potential value of technological innovations and to lead the process of harnessing emerging technologies and leveraging technology investments that can support the processes within enrollment so as to attract and enroll a large and increasingly diverse applicant pool and entering class;

          An ability to manage both big picture and operational details: evidence of ability to focus and lead an organization to achieve the elements of a strategic plan and to continuously refine the organizational plan, structure and operations as it evolves;

          The capacity to understand the complex issues facing higher education and the ability to develop recruitment and enrollment strategies that support the institution’s academic and student-centered agendas;

          An open and collaborative leadership style that promotes partnerships and builds trust and strong relationships across constituencies; an appreciation for the central role of deans and faculty at the university, with the ability to mobilize their participation;

          Experience in or a demonstrated commitment to working with diverse student populations and/or in a culturally diverse work and educational environment;

          A strong record as a self-starter with high standards for personal and professional excellence, achievement, honesty and integrity;

          The ability to lead change, engaging all constituents and levels of the organization in the implementation of new strategies and methodologies;

          The ability to build relationships, to work through issues in a calm and professional manner and to share and communicate in an open and honest fashion; and

          The ability to lead and the talent to delegate responsibility.


    Northeastern University

    Founded in 1898 in Boston, Northeastern is a global, experiential, research university built on a tradition of engagement with the world, creating a distinctive approach to education and research. The university offers a comprehensive range of undergraduate and graduate programs leading to degrees through the doctorate in nine colleges and schools, and select advanced degrees at graduate campuses in Charlotte, North Carolina, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Toronto.


    Northeastern started with an innovative idea: that education is about engaging with the world to solve problems and lead change. That distinctive approach, founded in cooperative education, has created an academic culture that infuses both undergraduate and graduate studies. Undergraduates are empowered to chart their own academic path, through more than ninety majors and concentrations and global experiential learning opportunities in ninety-two countries. Northeastern's 158 graduate programs prepare students for emerging new fields; students are able to take courses on campus, online, or in hybrid formats, creating the educational experience that best meets their needs.

    The university is committed to the educational success of its students, offering need-based aid and a range of scholarships to reward the outstanding achievements of students from all walks of life. Experiential learning, anchored by a renowned cooperative education program, lies at the heart of academic life at Northeastern. The integration of study with professional work, research, and service in countries around the world gives students real-world opportunities and responsibilities. Students  explore their path, acquire a deeper grasp of their studies, and develop an understanding essential to lifelong achievement: how to learn and grow outside the comfort-zone of the classroom.


    As a university where teaching and research are grounded in global engagement, Northeastern’s impact is being felt in all corners of the world. Students shape the world through experiential learning opportunities with nearly 3,100 partners on seven continents; and through the common pursuit of knowledge on a dynamic campus that connects students from 140 countries. Northeastern faculty members collaborate on research with colleagues on campus and on the other side of the world, with a focus on global challenges in health, security, and sustainability. Northeastern alumni, prepared to be engaged citizens of the world before they graduate, are making a difference in 186 countries. Learn more about Northeastern’s exceptional programs at




    Northeastern’s campus is spread out across seventy-three acres in the venerable college town of Boston. Northeastern has its own stop on Boston’s subway system, commonly called the T. The city, home to myriad colleges, is steeped in American history and full of activities for students, staff and faculty. Over four million people live in the greater Boston area; Boston prides itself on being one of the most livable cities in America. Twenty-one diverse neighborhoods offer more than 600,000 city residents the opportunity to taste, touch, and experience things from all over the world. Neighbors benefit from exceptional medical facilities, vibrant neighborhood business districts, and a solid network of parks, community centers, and libraries.  For more about life in Boston, see some of the following links:;; and


    To Apply

    Napier Executive Search is assisting Northeastern University identify their Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management. For more information, or to nominate someone for this role, contact Mary Napier (, or Laura Robinson ( Interested candidates should submit a résumé, along with a letter of interest describing his/her unique qualifications and background for the position. Candidates should also provide the names and contact information of at least three professional references. For confidentiality, references will not be contacted without permission. All application materials should be submitted electronically to no later than January 3, 2018, though credentials will be reviewed as they are received.



    Northeastern University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Educational Institution and Employer, Title IX University. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by the law. Northeastern University is an E-Verify Employer.


  • November 17, 2017 1:03 PM | Anonymous member

    Operations Manager

    Millikin University seeks an Operations Manager.  Reporting to the Dean of Admission, this position oversees the Admissions Office operations to facilitate organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  Duties include data management, data entry, data reporting and analysis; and general office operational duties.  Bachelor’s degree and experience in operations and data management are required.  You may view a complete position description and minimum qualifications at

    Qualified applicants should submit a cover letter, resume and contact information for three professional references to  Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.  Employment and first day of work is contingent upon successful completion of background check.  

    Millikin University is an equal opportunity employer.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  Millikin offers a competitive salary and full benefit package.

    Direct link to job post:

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